Air Anilox

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Sleeve with a semi-finished base ideal for the production of anilox for flexographic central drum or in line printing presses; ready for ceramic coating to be applied using plasma technique and subsequent laser engraving. The aluminium tube eliminates the heat generated during the coating process and possible blistering caused by oxidation. Use of the highest quality materials allows re-working of the outer surface after prolonged use.

Fibreglass sleeve. External structure in pure aluminium . The design is developed based on the needs of the manufacturer of the printing press.

Max Diameter
300 [mm] // 11.811"
Min / Max Length - Tolerance UNI:ISO 2768T1m
600 - 3.000 [mm] // 23.622" - 118.11"
Working tolerance
T.I.R.<0.015 [mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm
Lateral side protection flanges made of hard anodized aluminum.