Automatic Sleeve Storage System

Automated storage system for sleeves, anilox and carriers

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Easy and safe, automated and innovative, vertical storage system The Automatic Storage System guarantees the possibility of picking up to 16 sleeves in a few minutes (4 sleeves per picking point – 4 picking stations per load and unload). Highly customisable, it enables fast and safe management of the entire sleeve park. The system guarantees recovery of space used today and correct storage of sleeves, avoiding possible deformations (ovalisation) due to storage for long periods in a horizontal position. The system is CE certified and the sales network and the Rossini technicians are available to offer you a customised solution.

• Main automated stacker system with three axes with “pick and place” configuration of the sleeve trays designed and manufactured to avoid any knocks or possible accidental falling sleeves during movement • Sleeve trays, customisable according to needs, for 4 sleeves with centring based on the inner diameter of the sleeves • Sleeves storage system on two rows with central corridor for the stacker system each with multiple pick shelves (number of shelves based on the number of sleeves stored) • Graphical interface on Touch Panel • System management via PLC and Inverter Drive automation

Optional accessories
- Closure system for sleeves protection from dust, UV rays, etc.
- Manual trolley with multiple positions (4-6-8) for sleeve movement from the storage system to the sleeves preparation zone
- Remote support
- Sleeves movement system from the loading/unloading station with the manual trolley