Evolution System

Automatic system for flexo central impression drum cleaning

  • ATEX certified
    ATEX certified
  • customizable control
    customizable control
  • EC Norm compliant
    EC Norm compliant
  • high longevity
    high longevity
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • patented product
    patented product

Evolution is the innovative, patented oscillating system using detergent-soaked cloth technology to eliminate the ink residue from the printing cylinder both using a water and solvent base (ink). Flexible and fast, it guarantees constant quality and cleaning thanks to daily automatic cycles. The intuitive control panel enables selection and management of the cleaning menu based on the ink residue to remove. Evolution System improves operator safety, reduces working range constraints, increases productivity by eliminating press downtime and guarantees greater flexibility in production process management. Certified: CE - UL/CSA - ATEX, it is available in two versions for the washing head: one/three thrust beams and in two versions for the extraction system: side/sliding.

The supply includes the following components: • Washing head with side plates for press assembly • Touch-Panel/PLC for operator interface • Containment and detergent pumping unit • Electrical-pneumatic control unit • Set of cables and tubes to connect components together

Max drum width
2.150 [mm] // 84.645"
Standard washing times
Short Wash: approx. 3 [min] - Medium Wash: approx. 6 [min] – Long wash: approx. 9 [min]
Cloth use
Short Wash: 100-300 [mm] - Medium Wash: 300-600 [mm] - Long Wash: 600-900 [mm]
Solvent use
Short Wash: 150 [ml] - Medium Wash: 275 [ml] - Long Wash: 350 [ml]
Data outlined relating to Evolution System -
Print on plastic film with solvent based inks - Drum width 1270 [mm] - The values should be considered approximate and depend on individual installation, inks used and other parameters of the printing press