HM Carbo Bridge Side Air

  • antistatic sleeve
    antistatic sleeve
  • hardness 75 ShD
    hardness 75 ShD
  • HD print level
    HD print level
  • humidity resistant
    humidity resistant
  • manual handling
    manual handling
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • protection ring
    protection ring
  • PTB Norm compliant
    PTB Norm compliant
  • quality certified
    quality certified

Pneumatic adapter to reduce plate mounting sleeve thickness. It enables an important reduction in weights by easing manual movement of the loads with considerable savings over time in machine preparation (job change). The HIGH MODULUS (HM) carbon fiber tube reduces vibrations and enhances printing quality at high production speed. Anti-static, it is compatible with all Rossini plate-support sleeves. Sleeve mounting is particularly easy thanks to the compressed air distribution sent via an internal circuit with independent power supply. Rossini patent no. 1275901.

Fibreglass base sleeve. Outer support in high module (HM) carbon fibre tube. The aluminium side flanges guarantee total resistance against humidity and solvent penetration. Register notch built into the protective steel ring mounted on the flange.

Max Diameter
700 [mm] // 27.559"
Min/Max Length - Tolerance UNI:ISO 2768T1m
350 - 2.850 [mm] // 13.78" - 112.205"
7,5 - 70 [mm] // 0.295 - 2.756"
Surface hardness - Tolerance +/-5 Shore D
75 Shore D
Electrical resistance
< 1 MOhm
Compressed air for sleeve mounting on the carrier
6 - 10 [bar] // 87 - 145 PSI Minimum capacity: 700 [l//min] with air input having a free passage with D => 8[mm]
Operating temperature
18° - 40 °C // 64,4 - 104 °F
Max printing speed
600 [m/min]
Register notch
Protection steel ring with integrated register notch
Side flanges
Standard: Aluminum - Optional: Carbon fibre
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra=0.8) with T.I.R. < 0.02 mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]
Cleaning and Storage
Use ethanol with an additional max 20% of ethyl acetate; store vertically