Leonardo Gapless Sleeve

  • HD print level
    HD print level
  • high longevity
    high longevity
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • more productivity
    more productivity
  • solvent resistant
    solvent resistant

Sleeve without gaps for use in the heatset offset printing process. Using the best technopolymers it guarantees high ink transfer capacity from the plate to the paper and a superior quality print (dot gain control). Leonardo offers excellent resistance against plate and/or paper breakages by reducing side etching caused by the paper edge during rotations. The closed cell PU structure allows easy cleaning of the surface, even with automatic systems. Particular attention during manufacturing guarantees long life and easy insertion on the press and removal at the end of work.

Fibreglass sleeve with first layer in compressible polyurethane. Wound with synthetic wire. Final layer in rectified polyurethane according to OEM specifications.

Max Printing
1240 [mm] - 48.8"
Max paper width
2860 [mm] - 112.6"
Thickness OEM specifications
2 - 2,34 - 2,46 - 2,67 [mm] - 0.078" - 0.092" - 0.097" - 0.105"
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra=0.8) with T.I.R. < 0.025 [mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]
Cleaning and Storage
Tested for use of heatset solvents, Fogra approved – store original packaging or vertical position
Compressed air for sleeve assembly
Max 6 [bar] - 87 PSI