Sleeve Storage System

Modular system to store sleeves, anilox and carriers

  • compact design
    compact design
  • EC Norm compliant
    EC Norm compliant
  • patented product
    patented product

Innovative system with simple, easy and safe vertical storage composed of fixed and mobile modules (racks). Modular, expandable over time and with highly customisable dimensions, it enables fast and safe management of the entire sleeve park. Easy and quick to install, Storage System guarantees recovery of space used today and correct storage of sleeves, avoiding possible deformations (ovalisation) due to storage for long periods in a horizontal position.

• Long-lasting structure in painted, torsion-resistant steel • Adjustable shelving height for sleeves/anilox in various lengths • Sliding elements on both sides • Sleeves arranged over multiple rows based on the external diameter • Modular and expandable system over time • High capacity and stability

Fixed racks
2 in basic Storage - 1 in additional Storage
Mobile racks
up to 4 racks both for basic Storage and additional Storage
based on the number of racks planned
Storage heights available / Maximum height of Sleeves for configuration of 2 shelves
Storage 3,4 / Sleeve 1,34 - 3,7 / 1,51 - 4,0 / 1,62 - 4,2 / 1,72 [m]
2,6 [m]
400 [Kg] per shelf
Additional accessories
Additional shelf and Sleeves centering systems