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Ideal for label printing

  • hardness 75 ShD
    hardness 75 ShD
  • HD print level
    HD print level
  • high longevity
    high longevity
  • humidity resistant
    humidity resistant
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • PTB Norm compliant
    PTB Norm compliant
  • solvent resistant
    solvent resistant

Specific sleeve for "High Definition" printing based on its total dimensional stability. The conductive surface was reinforced with a layer of fibreglass. This dual construction ensures very high mechanical strength and constant dimensional tolerance over time. Highly resistant to solvents. This sleeve, with a 3-year warranty, enables printing of multiple images. It is made of conductive materials in compliance with work safety standards published by the “PTB” (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - Germany) for flexographic printing presses.

Fibreglass base sleeve coated with layers of ultra-light polyurethane in variable thicknesses based on the final diameter; the fibreglass completely encapsulates the sleeve. External coating in conductive PU-Everstat.

Printing repeat
14" - 30"
Min / Max Length - Tolerance UNI:ISO 2768T1m
350 - 1.000 [mm] // 13.78" - 39.370"
Surface hardness - Tolerance +-5 Shore D
75 Shore D
Electrical resistance
<1 MOhm
Compressed air for sleeve assembly
6 - 10 [bar] // 87 - 145 PSI Minimum capacity: 700 [l//min] with air input having a free passage with D => 8[mm]
Operating temperature
18° - 40 °C // 64,4 - 104 °F
Register notch
Metal notch
1 longitudinal corresponding to the register notch – 1 circumferential in centre
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra=0.8) with T.I.R. < 0.02 mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]
Cleaning and Storage
Use ethanol with an additional max 20% of ethyl acetate; store vertically