Sustainability is a real complex concept.

The most often quoted definition is “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

We would define Sustainability in the most simplest terms - Sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them with !!!!


At Rossini we take this very seriously while developing new Products and serving the market.


Rossini SPA is a leading worldwide manufacturer of sleeve systems and rollers for rotogravure, flexo, offset and converting. The family company with headquarter in Milan is known for high-quality products and innovations, such as the Speedwell Sleeve system and RED ESAsleeves for gravure and here we’ll try to outline the way we implement this concept of sustainability in our world.


…Carbon footprint reduction

Our organization is worldwide active and present with 8 production and sales factories and 4 direct sales offices over the globe enabling Rossini to provide a close, direct and competent service to the customer for its products and the required application engineering.

This cellular structure strongly organized by the headquarters and a common logistic software platform dramatically reduces the daily carbon footprint minimizing the distance between the production and the end user (less transport à less carbon footprint)

…Innovation and design

Rossini stands for innovative products that have the target to continuously improve the sustainability of our products in our economy basically looking to improve the lifetime (see our Starcoat flexo plate sleeve), increasing the safety level for the people (our Esared the only sleeve Atex certified in rotogravure printing) and optimizing the production ( Polycoat optimize  the usage of the glue with faster start-up of the production in lamination).

Last but not least, new and high tech. rubber compounds certified for food contact are available or enter in our portfolio as continuous R&D is one of the real top values inside Rossini.

More than one product is the real Benchmark for the market representing the highest level of quality and reliability.

… manufacturing process control

Rossini starts the production from the raw material till the final packaging of the products. All the sequences of the production are certified and controlled in the different defined parameters with related registrations. The serial number joints all the data connected to the manufacturing of each single product. One of the main targets of the production philosophy is the “zero waste” and our application engineering is updating the tools, introducing dedicated machines and insert new technology to achieve this goal.

One of the last investments in the control of the process is the CAT (computerized axial tomography) that will be installed in our factory in Spain where we produce high modulus carbon fiber tubes starting from the carbon fiber wire to guarantee our process, the customer and the correct use of the needed resources for the production in this field.


… social sustainability

Rossini aims to be an Italian business model with Global Presence in different world areas close to the local traditions to fully embed sustainability into the core of our business.

This approach manifests itself throughout our operations in six focus areas, which we explore and follow in our policy and daily work:

  • Well defined Governance and Ethics
  • Product and market responsibility
  • Strong Environment respect
  • Correct Customers and Suppliers relationship
  • Our People (continuous training and good internal connections)
  • Local Communities