Prima PLC Grooves

  • compact design
    compact design
  • customizable control
    customizable control
  • EC Norm compliant
    EC Norm compliant
  • management operations
    management operations
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • more productivity
    more productivity
  • rubber and polymer
    rubber and polymer

The last product born out of the Prima family is built on the basis of the Prima PLC. It has been designed with a rotational axis equipped with an encoder to allow the angle positioning of the roller and the usage of special high speed electro-motorized accessories integrated in the tool holder station for executing horizontal or circumferential milling of the rubber or techno-polymer surface. A new dedicated software allows the milling of horizontal and circumferential lines on the rubber or tecno-polymer coating in various depths and dimensions, and offers a repeatability function for series production; ideal for the printing sector over metallic materials.