Ecograv System

Automated system for the production of Ecograv coatings for rotogravure printing cylinders

In recent years, cutbacks in investments in rotogravure printing have led to a drop in the market share detained by this technology. There are many reasons for this, chief among which the cost of the engraved cylinder, which depends in turn on a number of factors, such as:
• The complexity of the preparation process
• The high cost of storing engraved cylinders
• A production technology using electroplating processes with severe harmful effects for both the environment (in terms of air, water and soil contamination) and for the health of operators, due to the use of toxic, carcinogenic chemical substances (hexavalent chromium)
• More stringent monitoring by work health and safety regulatory bodies, leading to more paperwork, necessitating periodical medical check-ups and environmental inspections and exposing the company to the risk of penalties in case of non-compliance
• Higher insurance costs for personnel and liability related to the production process
• Difficulties in obtaining the needed authorizations for new electroplating installations due to increasingly strict environmental restrictions
• The need to outsource production of cylinders, which introduces delays in supply and increases time to market
• Bans on the use of chromium scheduled to be introduced in the near future

In response to these problems, and the product of a decade of research anddevelopment, Rossini presents Ecograv, the only eco-compatible coating in technopolymer for rotogravure printing cylinders.

A solution created to replace the conventional coating in copper and chrome with aninnovative polyurethane-based technopolymer.A coating developed specifically to ensure extended resistance to the wear caused by the scraping action of the doctor blade.

The Rossini Ecograv cylinder has beentested on a single colour rotogravure machine, printing BOPP, PET and aluminium at print speeds between 200 and 250 m/minwith a standard process recipe, a regular steel doctor blade and ethyl acetate based rotogravure ink, demonstrating that this solution offers unrivalled print quality and durability.

Rossini Ecograv is the answer to make environmentally friendly rotogravure printing a reality, not just in terms of the material used but also for the production process of the cylinder coating.

The state of the art production line developed and finalized by theRossini Equipmentdivision can coat any print cylinder you use with Ecograv in an autonomous, automated and clean process. This is an efficient and environmentally sustainable production line, as it uses no water and produces no harmful emissions.

Every aspect of theEcograv System, from the selection and management of raw materials up to the finished product, is conceived to let you produce perfect cylinders every time, which are ready for immediate electromechanical engraving and can be resurfaced and re-engraved multiple times.

Production capacity
approx. 30 cylinders per day (depending on format and construction)
Rated power
approx. 145 kW
Effective power rating during production
approx. 70 kW
Approximate quantity of materials necessary to coat a cylinder with 1300 [mm] face and repeat 530 [mm]
• Ecograv coating 1.8-2.0 [Kg] • Adhesive 0.3-0.4 [Kg] • 5-30% loss (approximate) in original quantity of Ecograv material after turning; • Cost per cylinder for other consumables used (e.g. abrasive paper) approx. € 2.00
European Waste Catalogue code
070213 Waste Plastic - completely harmless material suitable for recycling/reuse