sleeves, air cylinders and adapters
made from carbon fiber and composite materials

innovative products with technical properties that conventional manufacturing materials cannot offer

The name Rossini stands for innovation. Rossini is always looking for new materials and technical solutions. This drive for constant product optimization and innovative technical approaches is a company philosophy that Rossini has applied right from the start with conviction and success. The development of roller coverings led from leather to rubber, from steel to aluminum, and now to materials that are used in aviation and automotive industries like glass fiber, carbon fiber and composite materials. This continuous development allows Rossini to manufacture unique products in terms of their performance, durability, weight, safety and print quality. In addition, thanks to the use of these different materials, Rossini develops individual product solutions in collaboration. Contact us for more information

what are the advantages of carbon fibre or composite products?


It is known that there are limits (in terms of speed, weight and rigidity), which are now exceeded thanks to a new generation of composite rollers. These composite materials have resulted in a new generation of products that are significantly lighter than steel and with higher rigidity than aluminum, with harmonic resonance and different stiffness values to achieve superior vibration dampening properties. Further technical advantages: the temperature expansion can be reduced to zero, corrosion is excluded. Depending on the desired conductivity or insulation, CFRP or GFRP is used. Find out what advantages composite rollers can offer to your application

technologies in the service of innovation


Rossini SpA has changed over time, specializing in the development and manufacture of sleeves made of light composite materials, carbon fiber and fiberglass. Coatings with elastomeric compound coverings such as rubber and PU are also part of the production range. Close to Barcelona, Rossini designs and produces CFRP rollers up to 6 metres in length for the highest demands on-site facility of 15,000 square meters, using the most modern production systems (winders, mixers, coating systems, cylindrical grinding and balancing machines).