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Grinding service

A new life for your Speedwell Sleeves and rubber coated rollers

Who better than Rossini, the designer and manufacturer from the very beginning, can bring your Speedwell Sleeves and rubber coated rollers to a new life? Contact your Rossini reference partner and discover the advantages of the Grinding Service: experience, fast reaction time and efficiency all over the world!


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What precautions does the operator need to take when cleaning the sleeves?

Remember that it is important to remove any solvent or ink residue from the Sleeves before storing them to avoid swelling problems.

How should the Sleeves be stored?

Undoubtedly the best way is to store flexo printing Sleeves correctly is to store them vertically in a dry place away from sources of heat or light (particularly away from direct light) – Remember that when handling the Sleeves, they should not be knocked or dropped.

What happens if the Sleeves are stored horizontally, and what printing problems could result?

Printers often store the Sleeves horizontally stacked (or rather “hung”) on tubes with a diameter that is always much less than the internal diameter of the sleeve, in order to take up less space, using solutions that are far from ideal. Unfortunately, over time, storing the sleeves in this way can lead to the deformation of the sleeve diameter, giving it a slightly oval shape, with resulting problems when it comes to mounting the sleeve on mandrels/carriers, and can even result in the sleeve being eliminated. Obviously the extent of this deformation can vary depending on the geometric characteristics and weight of the Sleeve.

The Sleeves are heavy, what can I do?

Rossini solved the problem with the introduction of innovative solutions. HONY Sleeve : recommended for large format printing and large developments such as pre-print printing, reduces weight by 60/70%. CARRIER:the use of these adapters allows the use of thin and therefore lighter Sleeves also with improvements in print quality and set-up time.

When do I have to choose a HM Carrier?

Thanks to its particular construction specifications, the High Modulus Carbon Fibre Carrier - Carbobridge - should be preferred in the following operating conditions:
• Print speed > 300 m/min
• Sleeve width > 1400 mm
• Carrier thickness > 50 mm

Why Rossini with Speedwell?

Rossini has a complete database of all printing machine fitted with the Speedwell system, with the construction designs for the sleeves. The manufacturing technology used by Rossini is the only one that can guarantee uniform sleeve/spindle coupling along the WHOLE length and ensure the correct sleeve duration, thanks to the precise coupling, and thereby avoiding register problems.

Why choose a conductive rubber?

Conductive rubber is used to ensure constant dispersal of any electrostatic charges generated by friction during the printing process that are not completely eliminated by the electrostatic system. In terms of safety, there is a reduced fire risk from spark.The Esared Sleeve by Rossini brings further advantages:
• eliminates the ionization effect present with traditional compounds
• complies with all electrostatic systems and materials in print
• is the first and only in the world to be certified ATEX

When printing solid colour areas using gravure systems, “colour voids” sometimes appear in the centre, or there are problems of register, or the duration of the coating is less than it should be; why does this happen and what can I do about it?

The problems listed could be caused by several factors, but as far as the pressure roller is concerned, you should check the following: - the geometry : the roller should be contoured in such a way that it makes up for the deflection of the roller, which is loaded at the ends; - the type of rubber and application; - the roller structure, which needs to ensure a maximum inflection of 0.1 mm/m for contact pressures up to 4 Kg/cm.

How should rubber-coated rollers be stored?

Rubber-coated rollers should be placed on a rack, avoiding direct contact by the rubber coating with the ground; the coating could be irreparably damaged. Rollers can be stored at room temperature, or in any case within a range of temperatures from 0 °C t

Is it important to have a sleeve step?

The step is important and must also be correctly sized: as a general rule, a distance of less than one millimetre must be maintained on every side with respect to the printed image; this helps prevent problems of ink returning to the printing area.

How should I choose the right compound for the coating?

Rossini is on hand with all its experience in the sector, and its engineers are ready to assist you in your choice, to ensure that you have the right product (with the right rubber compound) at the right point of your printing process.

The basic information required includes:

- the type of support;

- the process temperature;

- the coupling pressure in Kg/cm;

- corona treatment (if present, this increases the level of Ozone).