a complete range of equipment
for the printing sector

the new frontier of performance and productivity

The objective is true to the basic philosophy of Rossini Spa: to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions to help them to achieve the very best results in terms of quality and productivity. From gravure to flexo printing, to offset printing: rollers and carrier sleeves designed and manufactured using the most innovative techniques and materials, to ensure working tolerances and printing results at a level never seen before. Then there is the exclusive Rossini Equipment Division, which designs and produces plant and machinery for the printing sector.

Multicolor Speedwell Rossini

Innovation for gravure products

The exclusive system of Rossini for rotogravure and lamination products that allows an easy and fast identification of the different hardness value of your sleeves through the colors code printed on the internal sleeve label.

  • Yellow
    shore A
  • Blu
    shore A
  • Red
    shore A
  • Green
    shore A
  • White + hardness color
    White + hardness color

guaranteed, certified quality

For Rossini Spa, both the “whole” and the individual part must achieve the same level of quality. Quality must permeate both entire production processes and individual innovative solutions. The company's various quality certifications are clear proof of what has been achieved: from ISO 9001 Quality Certification to full certification for printing packaging for foodstuffs, to the recognition gained by the special Esa Red Sleeve, the first product in the world to be awarded ATEX certification.