Polycoat Green

  • Food  contact certified
    Food contact certified
  • max load 25 [Kg/cm]
    max load 25 [Kg/cm]
  • max temp 140 °C
    max temp 140 °C
  • Speedwell System
    Speedwell System

Elastomer to coat rollers and Speedwell sleeves specifically for spreading solvent-less, two-component glues. The base polymer is blended with non-stick additives that avoid the closure of the cells on the outer surface during work and maintain the ideal surface tension value for guaranteeing a uniform distribution and thickness of the adhesive layer with a considerable saving on the total amount of used glue when compared to traditional rubbers. Moreover the surface tension and the wettability of the rubber is also connected to different other production parameters like external roughness, uniformity, purity and correct formulation of the of the compound. In order to maintain the technical characteristics of Polycoat, Rossini suggests a yearly grinding of the external surface and a proper cleaning procedure with the use of specific softener in addition to the solvent – 100% etyl acetate.

All the special Rossini conpounds are available both in Speedwell Sleeve configuration and Rubber roller.

Roller with steel core and/or Speedwell sleeve with a specially formulated, fibreglass conical base. Polycoat Green coating ground to measurement.

Rubber-coated roller - Min/Max diameter
35 - 550 [mm] // 1.373"- 21.569"
Rubber-coated roller - Min/Max length including pins
150 - 5.000 [mm] // 5.882" - 196.078"
Speedwell Sleeve - Min/Max diameter
80 - 450 [mm] // 3.137" - 17.647"
Speedwell Sleeve - Min/Max length - Tolerance UNI:ISO 2768T1m
350 - 3500 [mm] // 13.725" - 137.255"
Coating thickness
5 - 35 [mm] // 0.197" - 1.373"
Min coating thickness to guarantee after grinding
5 [mm] // 0.197" - Grinding value at a minimum must be supplied by the client based on the possible adjustment of the printing press
Surface hardness - Tolerance +/-3 Shore A
80 Shore A
Maximum resistance to pressure
25 [Kg/cm]
Maximum temperature resistance
140 °C - 284 °F
Compressed air for sleeve assembly
12 - 20 [bar] // 174 - 290 PSI Minimum capacity: 700 [l//min] with air input having a free passage with D => 8[mm]
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra=0.8) with T.I.R. < 0.03 mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]
Resistance to chemicals
Alcohol -Ethyl acetate -Water - Isocyanate - Ozone