• HD print level
    HD print level
  • high longevity
    high longevity
  • mechanical resistance
    mechanical resistance
  • more productivity
    more productivity
  • solvent resistant
    solvent resistant

The first and unique polyurethane gapless sleeve designed for roto-offset printing presses with sleeves configuration with superior print quality, longevity and product’s reliability. New materials have been selected to compete to the highest levels of quality with final printed images in high definition thanks to a perfect dot gain and to achieve the best production efficiency. Rossini’s production technology guarantees a stable and correct interference between the sleeve and the press mandrel for high volumes quality production and easy-handling during the mounting operation in the press over time.Unique smash recovery and mechanical resistance during the printing process with virtually no memory effects when changing web size.

  • Dot gain according OEM’s specs (no need of new and specific calibration of the machine)
  • Rebound, interference gauge, printing pressure and mechanical properties fully matching Oem’s technical specs
  • Uniform web feed behavior (slightly positive) for excellent and fast press set-up with no need of specific selection of the sleeve for the different printing unit ( only one sleeve type available)
  • The PU mechanical smash recovery guarantees longer life, less downtime, easier cleaning of the surface and more productivity
  • Proven product on several machines
  • Product available for all the printing pressesof the roto-offset market.

Fibreglass sleeve with first layer in compressible polyurethane. Wound with synthetic wire. Final layer in rectified polyurethane according to OEM specifications.

Max Printing
1240 [mm] - 48.8"
Max paper width
2860 [mm] - 112.6"
Thickness OEM specifications
2 - 2,34 - 2,46 - 2,67 [mm] - 0.078" - 0.092" - 0.097" - 0.105"
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra=0.8) with T.I.R. < 0.025 [mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]
Cleaning and Storage
Tested for use of heatset solvents, Fogra approved – store original packaging or vertical position
Compressed air for sleeve assembly
Max 6 [bar] - 87 PSI