Dual Chrome Sleeve

  • antistatic sleeve
    antistatic sleeve
  • high longevity
    high longevity
  • humidity resistant
    humidity resistant
  • manual handling
    manual handling
  • more productivity
    more productivity
  • quality certified
    quality certified

Special application of the Speedwell Sleeve project to manufacture a spreading pressure roller in aluminum with a high thickness chromium layer for solvent based adhesives with the typical advantages of the sleeve system (easy job change and easy handling). Rossini has studied a special base tapered sleeve in fiber glass to guarantee the dimensional stability to the following step of the aluminum tube assembly and to the final electro-plating coating.

All the special Rossini conpounds are available both in Speedwell Sleeve configuration and Rubber roller.

Tapered base fibreglass sleeve (patent Speedwell system) assembled with a special aluminum tube. Coating of hard chrome high thickness.

Compressed air for sleeve assembly
12 - 20 [bar] // 174 - 290 PSI Minimum capacity: 700 [l//min] with air input having a free passage with D => 8[mm]
Working tolerance
External finishing with precision grinding (Ra>= 0,4) with T.I.R. < 0.02 mm] when measured on a mandrel with T.I.R. <= 0.005 [mm]